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Definition of show control: Linking of multiple production elements
(Sound, Lighting, Special Effects and more) for coordinated action.

Alcorn McBride V16+We use Alcorn McBride show control equipment as they are one of the leading manufacturers of Audio, Lighting and Video control products for themed entertainment, including theme parks, museums, and casinos. Their hardware is used throughout every major theme park in the world, including major attractions where a breakdown simply isn't an option. That's why most of their audio, video, lighting and show control products have no moving parts. Suitable for large shows to small exhibits.

Example Uses of Show Control

Manage and execute a complex sequence of events easily.
Here are just some of the many possibilities:

Start and stop your entire show with the push of a button.

Mute and un-mute multi-track audio simultaneously with the press of a button.

Turn work/emergency lights on and off with the press of a button.

For safety, an emergency loop could be run throughout the event. If an emergency
happens, pressing the emergency button can turn on the work/emergency lights,
mute all sound and stop any props and effects from running.

Add interactivity to your show for guests, cast and crew.

Automated prop or effects triggering when guests pass a sensor.

Indicate to the cast and crew when a prop is ready to trigger or when a group has cleared a scene.

Trigger different lighting, sounds and effects in the same room or scene
so guests have a different experience when they go through again.

A cast or crew member presses a button triggering a sound effect or a prop
providing the perfect distraction to set up a heart stopping scare.

Synchronized Thunder and Lightning running automatically or triggered by the
cast, crew or the guests themselves.

A light switch in a long hallway labeled ‘Don't touch’ and when it's flipped the lights ‘short out’
and the hallway goes dark (well almost dark for safety).
The lights could then reset after a delay or with the press of a button from cast or crew.

An object in a room that guests may interact with (statute or globe, etc.) which determines their ‘fate’.

Keep track of people in and out of your event with the ability to count people
and determine the direction they are going.

Provide a ‘U Scare 'Em’ kiosk so that guests outside the event (waiting in line)
can interactively scare other guests in the event.

And much more...


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